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VACSAL has a Strong interest in Aboriginal Homelessness and associated issues of being homeless. We have long advocated for an Aboriginal Homeless Program and the increasing needs to develop innovative and community driven solutions. Receiving funding from DHS to provide a Outreach-Case Management Homelessness Service to the North/West Metropolitan Aboriginal Community.

Homelessness can be a difficult and distressing situation to handle, and has a Over-representation in the NWM Aboriginal community. Effecting Aboriginal Males, Females & families of all ages. Issues leading to Aboriginal Homeless aren’t easily identifiable, and sometime there could be numerous issues contributing a once.


The Program is aimed to help and assist all Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People who are Homeless or at the risk of Homelessness in NWM area through assertive outreach case management. The Program has 2 Outreach Support Workers, whom are dedicated to assisting and advocating to secure safe, affordable and secure accommodation for clients to help reduce Aboriginal Homelessness.

Possible Causes of Homelessness

  • Disabilities
  • Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI’s)
  • Substance Abuse (Alcohol & Drugs)
  • Family Violence/Domestic
  • Financial
  • Relocation
  • Grief, Loss & Trauma
  • Plus More...


18 and over

Hours of operation

Mon-Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 4pm