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The Bert Willams Aboriginal Youth Services (BWAYS) and is a service of and managed by the Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Limited (VACSAL). BWAYS has been operatin since the late 1970’s and has been funded through various Victorian Government operated the service and in 1984 the operation of the service was transferred to VACSAL.

BWAYS aims to deliver proactive and preventative services to Koorie youth who reside and / or visit the North and West Metropolitan Region (NWMR) with the focus of reducing the over- representation within the youth justice system and their progress through the youth justice and homeless service system. This is achieved by ensuring that BWAYS delivers appropriate responses to enable quality outcomes for Koorie youth who are homeless and / or are within the youth justice system or at risk of entering the system.

BWAYS comprises of three strams of operation that included the Youth Hostel, Koorie Night Patrol and the Koorie Juvenile Justice Program. The Youth Hostel accommodates Koorie male youth, 15 – 19, who are homeless or referred through the Juvenile justice system.

The youth Hostel provdes Koorie male youth with the following case management, independent living and life skills, networking to other relevant Aboriginal agencies for support and assistance with the underlying premise to refer Koorie male youth to medium term accommodation and / or reconnect to their families and community.

BWAYS Koorie Youth Justice Program

The BWAYS Koorie Youth Justice Program (KYJP) provides advocacy and support to Koorie youth (male and female), who are within the youth justice system or at risk of entering the youth justice system. BWAYS KYJP also provides the following; case work, court advice, development ad implementation of Aboriginal Cultural Support Plans, secondary consultation, early intervention and prevention programs, networking as well as community supports and linkages.

The BWAYS KJYOP addresses the key risk and protective factors which have been identified by the Department of Human Services and seeks to address them in a way which will enhance the connectedness of Koorie youth with their family, school and community in a way which is culturally appropriate. Significantly, the BWAYS KYJP promotes the development of a continuum of service delivery through the promotion of linkages and the involvement of the Aboriginal community.

Koorie Early School Leavers

Youth Employment Program

Targets you Koorie people aged 10 – 20 years of age, and provides intensive culturally based assessment, case management and case work support to those who have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from education, training or employment, and those who are in contact or are at risk of contact with the criminal justice system.


Centre Location: 21 Normanby Avenue, Thornbury, VIC 3071

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