What is RPL

What is RPL

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. You can:

Be assessed for part or the entire course based on your existing experience and skills

Present evidence of your current work to show the Assessor

Have a yarn with someone to work out the best learning pathway for you

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Ask yourself ...

What informal or on-the-job training have I done that might be relevant?

What activities have I done at work or in social or community based tasks?

How recently did I learn my skills - can I still recall how to do them?

How can I prove I can perform these skills or possess this knowledge?

What happens in the RPL process?

The following table summarises the RPL process. For further information please refer to the RPL Information for Students booklet (qualification specific). The booklet contains full details on the RPL process.

If your Assessor thinks you need to gain further knowledge, skills and understanding to be assessed at competent you will be asked if you would like to join the workshops that are relevant. Additional fees would apply.

How much does RPL cost?

The fee for RPL for a government subsidised place is a fixed rate of $100. This fee applies whether a student is applying for RPL for one or more units of competency or a whole qualification.

For enrolments that are not government subsidised, the cost of RPL will be discussed and agreed with the RTO Manager prior to enrolment.

The fee of RPL for a non government subsidised place will be $500 minimum and $2500 maximum. The fee will be based on the amount of time taken to complete the RPL process. This means the number of interviews the student has with their Assessor. A standard assessment interview which takes a total of 4 hours will be $500.

In the event of a student providing insufficient evidence for RPL to be granted the student may attend the relevant training and assessment program; additional fees will also apply. These fees will be determined by the RTO Manager and be agreed upon with the student at re-enrolment. This will involve the student re-enrolling.

If students wish to withdraw the RPL application before the planning interview they will be charged a $30 administration fee and be given a full refund.

If students wish to withdraw the RPL application after the planning interview, no refund will be given.