Complaints & appeals process policy and procedure

Complaints & appeals process Policy and procedure

We welcome your feedback.

VACSAL RTO recognises that students must be confident that any concern or complaint they have about the training and assessment programs and services will be taken seriously. Informal complaints relating to minor concerns, feedback or grievances can be handled by the informal complaint procedure. Complaints can be made in person, by phone, fax, e-mail or in writing. Any formal complaints must be done in writing by filling out an RTO Complaint Form. Formal complaints can include unresolved complaints, harassment, misconduct or breaches of privacy. All concerns and complaints will be dealt with in accordance with privacy and confidentiality rights and responsibilities.

Student support services

VACSAL RTO will support students to make sure everyone has the opportunity to successfully complete their training and assessment program. Support is available to students who have language, literacy or numeracy support needs or any welfare needs. Students requiring counselling or welfare support services will be referred to an appropriate support service.

Language, literacy and numeracy

Courses require some reading, writing and number skills. Additional support is available to for students who have needs in this area. All students will complete a language, literacy and numeracy activity on enrolment. This is to help staff work out the level of support each student needs. Support with the training and assessment material will be offered to students outside of training hours at no extra cost. If you feel you need additional help you can talk to a staff member at any time.

Students with disabilities

The Student Enrolment Form is used to collect information about students with disabilities or impairments. This is information is used by VACSAL RTO to meet each student’s needs. Letting VACSAL RTO know early of any disabilities will make it easier for VACSAL to be able to provide the support needed.

Computer and internet use

VACSAL RTO promotes the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) by students in a learning environment. VACSAL also recognises the need for all students and staff to be protected against illegal activity, including cyber-bullying, breach of copyright and privacy laws, and defamation. The ICT Use Policy outlines acceptable use of computers and internet access. Breaches of the policy will be taken seriously and the RTO Manager will determine the appropriate action.

Student Code of Conduct

VACSAL RTO is committed to providing a safe and stress free learning environment that is culturally accepting and good for learning. Students are informed about the code of conduct as part of the student induction and enrolment process. Students are expected to demonstrate cultural integrity, treat all materials and property of VACSAL RTO with proper care and show respect, cooperation and consideration towards staff, other students and visitors. Breaches of the policy will be taken seriously and the RTO manager will determine the appropriate action.

Student Card

VACSAL RTO students will obtain a VACSAL Student Card as part of the enrolment process. This will provide:

Access to VACSAL RTO facilities

Concession tickets at some cinemas, theatres and sports centres.

If you discontinue your course you must return your VACSAL Student Card to VACSAL RTO.

Public Transport Student Concession card

If you are enrolled in a full-time course you may be eligible for a concession card which entitles you to a concession on public transport. To arrange for your Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card, you will need to collect an application form from selected stations or the MetShop located at the Melbourne Town Hall. Alternatively you can download the form from the Metlink website.

You must complete and submit this application form along with two colour passport size photographs to the RTO Manager for validation.

Student Induction

VACSAL RTO is committed to providing all potential students with clear and relevant information related to the training and assessment program of interest. This information is provided throughout the induction process and during initial contact with RTO staff. The induction includes welcoming students to VACSAL RTO, informing them of their rights and responsibilities and providing information about VACSAL RTO programs, services and facilities.

Withdrawing, deferring or leave of absence

VACSAL RTO recognises that there are times when a student may need to defer, withdraw or seek leave from a training and assessment program.

Any requests to defer a program must be made in writing, either before the commencement of the program with a completed Withdrawal, Deferral or Leave of Absence Form or once the course has commenced through a written request to the RTO Manager. Only students who defer prior to starting the course are eligible for a refund in accordance with the Fees, Payments and Refunds Policy.

Students wishing to withdraw from a course may do so by completed a Withdrawal, Deferral or Leave of Absence Form. These students may apply for a refund as written in the Fees Payments and Refunds Policy. Students who have enrolled in and begun a program may withdraw through a written request to the RTO Manager. These students are not eligible for a refund.

Privacy and confidentiality

In collecting, maintaining and providing access to student records, VACSAL RTO will adhere to the relevant privacy principles dictated by the Privacy Act 1988. It is necessary for VACSAL to gather some personal information in the course of its dealings with students seeking/receiving a service and who are enrolled in VACSAL RTO’s programs. Information about students may be sought by government agencies, tertiary institutions or other organisations and individuals for research, statistical and other purposes. Students have the right to expect that their personal information will be maintained in a confidential manner.

Student safety and security

VACSAL RTO is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students and visitors. This means making sure people feel free from risk to their health and safety by creating an environment that is culturally accepting and good for learning. This includes the risk of threat, harassment, intimidation, robbery, bullying and violence. Students will be informed about safety and security as part of the student induction and enrolment process in accordance with the Student Induction and Enrolment Policy.

Assessment submission and appeals

VACSAL RTO has processes for students to follow when submitting their work for assessment and to appeal their result where their Assessor has marked them as Competency Not Achieved (CNA) for a unit of competency. Assessment Extension Forms can be used by students to apply for an extension before the due date or for special consideration up until three days after the due date of the assessment task. If a student is dissatisfied with a result they can contact their Assessor within 10 days to informally discuss the result. If the student is still dissatisfied with their result they can lodge an appeal in writing to the RTO manager within 30 days of the result being given.

The Student Handbook and / or relevant Course Guide assessment documents explain how a unit of competency is assessed, the process for submitting assessments and assessment appeals.

Issuing of awards

Students who have achieved a qualification are issued with a testamur for the qualification. Students who have attained one or more units of competency are issued with a statement of attainment detailing the relevant units. Students receive the appropriate certificate within 30 days of completing their training and assessment program and have the option to be presented with their testamur for a qualification or statement of attainment at the annual VACSAL RTO graduation ceremony.

Equal Opportunity Policy

VACSAL recognises that Equal Opportunity is a matter of obligation, social justice and legal responsibility. It also recognises that prohibiting discriminatory policies and procedures is sound management practice. Every person will be given a fair and equitable chance to pursue their study as effectively as others. In all cases performance and competence are to be used as the basis for performance assessment, training and development opportunities and promotions. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they treat all members of the VACSAL community with respect without regard to non-relevant criteria or distinctions.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004 provides a framework for the prevention of occupational injury and illness. VACSAL does not expect students to work in any environment which is unsafe or detrimental to their health but sees safety as a partnership between the students, staff and the employer. Students have a responsibility for their own health and welfare and should comply with VACSAL’s safety procedures and directions.

Full copies of all our policies or procedures are available on request.