Programs  Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training 

Whilst VACSAL’s core business relates to advocacy and community service provision, an important part of VACSAL’s work relates to the design and delivery of Cultural awareness programs, which it undertakes as part of its enterprise development strategy.

Importantly, income received from this activity goes directly back into the agency for the purpose of service expansion to the Aboriginal community.

The demand for Cross-Cultural training has increased dramatically over the past years. In particular Government departments and Non-Government agencies which provide services to Aboriginal communities or implement policies which impact on Aboriginal people have all indicated a specific need for training.

VACSAL has played an important role in responding to this demand by tailoring a number of cross-cultural awareness training packages to suit the requirements of different departments and to different levels of operation within these departments.

We have developed considerable expertise in the customisation and delivery of cultural awareness programs.

The provision of this training has become an important component of VACSAL’s activities.

VACSAL have delivered training to the following agencies:

Protection & Care-Juvenile Branches, Department of Human Services:

Juvenile Justice Workers, Department of Justice.

Department of Human Services.

Judges, Supreme & Family court magistrates, Australian Institute of Judicial Administration.

Child Care Workers, Department of Human Services and other relevant Community services.

TAFE Teaching staff, Western Institute, Kangan Batman Institute, Telstra.

AFL Umpires Association.

Correctional Officers & Managers, Port Phillip Private Prison.

What Does Cultural Awareness Training Provide Me ?

Cultural Awareness training develops particular skills, knowledge and attitudes. It encourages and assists participants to develop:

A knowledge and awareness of ones cultural identity in relation to colleagues, clients and customers.

An understanding of the type of languages (written and spoken) that is generated in a particular field and the cultural assumptions and underpinning language

The skill to put advice and information into appropriate language for the receiver.

A knowledge of the different behavioural styles of people from different cultures

An attitude of tolerance towards differences

An effective cultural awareness training program is a blend of information, self-evaluation and skill formation.

It leaves participants better informed about global and local issues in relation to indigenous culture and more than anything it leaves participants feeling positive about themselves and their capacity to work better and more effectively with others.

Topics Covered During Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training:

Cultural Awareness Perspectives

White Australia has a Black History

Demographical Data

Culture and Value Systems of Aboriginal people

Racism, Stereotypes & Ethnocentrism

Training Facilitators

Pam Aplin
VACSAL Program Manager