Local Justice Worker Program

Local Justice Worker Program

The Local Justice Worker Program (LJW) is to work directly with Koori clients and supporting them through their interactions with the justice system. It also provides the opportunity to make positive and lasting change across the justice system, the Local Justice will be working with a number of justice-related agencies to enhance the services received by Koori clients in the local area.

The LJW role is to Identify and establish Community Worksites that are culturally appropriate for Koori offenders and comply with Community Correctional Services (CCS) requirements - this often includes establishing Community Worksites at Aboriginal Community Organisations or at culturally significant places.

Supervise Koori offenders who are undertaking mandated community work as a condition of their court order - including complying with all CCS requirements, such as occupational health and safety and mandatory reporting responsibilities.

Supporting referrals to other relevant agencies and encouraging positive relationships with CCS;

Assist CCS to further its knowledge of local Koori service providers and of local Koori community matters (historical and current) that may support the case management of Koori offenders

Motivate and support clients to attend community work - this can include discussing consequences of non-attendance, providing reminders of upcoming community work requirements, and possibly transporting clients to and from community work.