The Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd (VACSAL) is a state-wide agency that provides advice to Government on a range of community development issues as well as being a major provider of extensive services to the Aboriginal community in both the metropolitan and some regional communities these services include:
VACSAL is a community based, community controlled organisation compromising of representatives from Koorie organisations across the state.
Established in 1984, VACSAL has been instrumental in assisting the Victorian and Commonwealth Government develop policies and programs in major areas relating to the advancement of Aboriginal people
VACSAL supports and manages a number of community programs as well as providing strategic advice to Aboriginal Organisations and Government bodies on issues impacting on Aboriginal people. The organisations is seen as key advocate that has representation on over 85 local, regional and State reference/advisory committees.

VACSAL works from the following philosophical base in all of its advocacy work and service provision that of:

In addition, VACSAL is a community resource centre, delivering a range of government funded programs to support and assist children, young people and families as well as strengthening communities and culture.

As an Aboriginal community service organisation, we are committed to:

We consider that education and employtment are the two central drivers for redressing inequality and disadvantage and we believe that indigenous organisations have a crucial role to play in providing trainning and employment opportunities.
It is these pathways that will broaden the pool of skills and knowledge available to us in our quest for greater opportunity and social change.

Our values are built on :

A commitment to self determination and self management for Indigenous communities.