Community Development Officer

Community Development Officer

The role of CDO will be to support VACSAL’s vision of capacity building local Aboriginal communities which will support the philosophy of self-determination and strengthening the Aboriginal nation through identifying and linking into strength-based programs and services for Aboriginal families.

In addition to developing the strength-based component of the CDO’s position, the worker will play a role in enhancing the capacity of the Aboriginal sector to deliver quality programs in the provision of training to Indigenous and mainstream organisations, to enhance the cultural relevance of their programs.

To achieve VACSAL’s vision it is expected that the CDO will consult and work closely with VACSAL’s senior staff and other key stakeholders to support and deliver a range of initiatives, programs, and services. This will involve liaison with community organisations, local government, and local Department agencies in disseminating information and working towards local community’s aims and objectives.

The aim of the CDO position is to proactively assist Koorie communities to identify, assist in the establishment and maintain programs for Aboriginal families and children. It will also provide leadership, project support and community education/awareness within the Victorian Aboriginal community on various matters relevant to the specific community.

The CDO positions are located at the following sites.

Statewide – Sport and Rec Focussed


Hume Region – Shepparton

Grampians - Ballarat