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Aboriginal Centre for males Referral Services

The Aboriginal Centre for Males Referral Service is a service that focuses on Family Violence & Homelessness which aims to culturally strengthen the family, bring awareness and responsibility to the male for their actions and their role as a father\husband\Partner, and to keep the family together. ACM provides programs and services that focus on males who are violent towards their family and victims of family violence. Using assisting community services, men will be referred to, monitored for progress and attendance with support and counselling.

As a unique service that provides aid, relief and support where there are needs arising from:

Family Violence


Clients can be referred to culturally friendly services that specialise in the following areas from:

Drug & Alcohol

Mental Health




The broad objectives of the Aboriginal Centre for Males are to:

Support the health and well-being of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males & families

Improve access to family violence services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males in the NWMR

Provide a visible entry point to the service system

Offer programs that have a prevention and early intervention focus

Provide a supportive work environment for staff through the grouping of similar services

Facilitate links between services for clients


Intake & Assessment


Intensive Case Management (Family Violence & Homelessness)

Time Out service (Crisis accommodation & support)

Entry Points

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Centre for Males will actively seek strong working partnerships with all referral points for the best interests of the family and the males receiving a service;

These referrals may arrive from;

L17’s (Police Family Violence Notifications)

Community organisations

Aboriginal Community Justice Panel




Local and mainstream government services


Hours of Operation

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Centre for Males operating hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, Fridays 9am-4pm. We also offer a 24 hour response for our community via the Time-Out service; referrals can be received after hours by phone to the Time-Out Service. After hours calls are for phone assessment and crisis accommodation, referrals will not begin until the next business day.

Centre Location & Contact Details

Centre Location: 201 Bell Street, Preston

Office Number: (03) 9487 3000

Time-Out Referral Service (24/7): 1800 352 624 or Mobile Number: 0412 806 003