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“Raise awareness, empower and build the capacity of Indigenous communities to both prevent and respond to problem gambling issues on a local basis and work closely with both Aboriginal communities and Gambler’s help Services to achieve this."


VAGAS has been set up because too many of our mob are being affected by the harm that ‘problem’ gambling can create – the impact is being felt by our families and communities, particularly our children and youth.

“We need to take better control of problem gambling before it takes control of us”.

What VAGAS is about?

Increasing awareness of Problem Gambling and support available – including ways to reduce risk and support each other

Supporting Koorie organisations who need better access to counseling services – and promote awareness of existing support services through new Koorie designed promotional materials.

Support community organisations who are interested in running projects or community education initiatives to prevent or better manage problem gambling.

Help communities build and improve relationships and support networks from Gambler’s Help Services across Victoria.

VAGAS is supported by the State Government Victoria.

Helpful Hints for Responsible Gambling

Here are some helpful hints to ensure that you or others can gamble responsibly.

Write down a household budget and include a part for gambling and set your limit well before you gamble,

Leave you key care/credit care home.

Don’t gamble alone.

Don’t drink and gamble.

It is always better to leave with money than without.

VAGAS Information Materials

VAGAS have produced a variety of Koorie specific promotional product that express the concern and affects that problem gambling can create on both families and communities.

Products in the following.

  • 2 Information Pamphlets
  • 1 Drink Bottle
  • 1 A2 Poster
  • 1 Fridge Magnet
  • 1 Outing Guide, A Guide to Free or Low Cost Social Outings for Families and Communities
  • 1 Banner Stand
  • 1 Radio Cart
  • 2 Staff Business Cards

Where To Go For Help

If you feel like gambling is affect you or your family there is help available. There are 14 Gambler’s Help Services available across Victoria to provide support, counseling and financial counseling. However, if you feel that you are unable to attend your local Gambler’s Help Service then you can always call the toll free number 1800 156 789.

Gambler’s Help Service offer the following:

  • Commitment to being Koorie friendly,
  • Free Confidential Service,
  • Free 24 Hour Helpline,
  • Gambler’s Help Service is not only just available to gambler’s, but also family and friends,
  • Counsellors to help with any gambling issues you may have,
  • Financial Counsellors to assist with management of your money and debts,

When you go to a Gambler’s Help Service, there are no limits on how many times you can access the service.


Artwork has been produced by Anjee-Lee Soloman. Anjee-Lee Solomon is from the Gubbi-Gubbi and Manero tribes. She also has an Italian background that comes from San Marco in Italy. Anjee-Lee was born in Melbourne and raised in East Gippsland where her father was born.

Her Grandfather, Max Solomon has been burning woodcraft and creating artwork for years. Anjee-Lee’s father, Charlie Solomon also burns woodcraft and has passed on the ‘art’ talent to her.

This artwork has been specially commissioned as part of the new VACSAL Aboriginal Gambling Awareness Service. It represents out communities struggle with gambling and the typical dilemma of putting gambling before our families.

In the painting it shows a Koorie person holding a baby and in the other hand it holds VAGAS which represents the struggle. The VAGAS logo shows the gambler being identified and the circles surrounding him or her shows the gambling problem being dealt with. Behind the person are the eyes of our community that identify the gambler but creates support for them.

VAGAS Information

VAGAS Pamphlet

Helpful tips and support


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Newsletter VAGAS Edition 2 Oct 2012

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