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Employment Koorie Caucus Executive Officer

Dec 05 2017

The Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA) vision is for a Koori community living free from racism and discrimination, enjoying the same access to human, civil and legal rights, and experiencing the same justice outcomes through a justice system free of inequalities. 
Koori caucus is an integral component of the relationship on the Aboriginal Justice Forum between government and community to improve implementation of the AJA. 
The Victorian Koori Caucus comprises the Chairs of the Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees (RAJACs) and key representatives of the Koori non-government organisations that are members of the Aboriginal Justice Forum (AJF). 
Each member of the Koori Caucus participates as a member of the AJF in their own right either as a RAJAC Chair or as an organisational representative bringing the issues of legal services, education, vulnerable young people, family violence and health to the Forum.  In addition to these individual roles, the Koori Caucus also brings collective positions for consideration of the AJF.   
The AJF believes that the one way that Aboriginal people will be able to build stronger communities is by advocating from a knowledge base that increases community awareness of the social issues and potential responses available to communities to tackle local and state-wide issues.   
An autonomous voice is imperative for Aboriginal people to achieve self-determination and self-management.  
Members of the Koori Caucus all have busy roles, in their organisations and as active members of their communities, and typically serve on a range of other committees.  Maintaining effective communication between Koori Caucus members and supporting the active, timely and well-informed participation of Koori Caucus members at the AJF is a priority for the Caucus.  
Applications for this position must include the following:
  1. Written cover letter that outlines why the applicant believes that he/she would be suitable for this position.
  2. Detailed Resume that outlines educational and employment background, which must also include at least 3 referees.
  3. A detailed response to the Key Selection Criteria.
  4. Applications for this position close on 19th December 2017. Applications must reach VACSAL office by close of business.
  5. The position will be based in the Northcote, statewide travel is a requirement. A vehicle is available for work related travel.
  6. A current Victorian Driver’s Licence and a current Working with Children Check is required
  7. Please note that current National Police check is compulsory prior to employment with VACSAL

More infomation can be found in this Document: [DOWNLOADABLE PDF]