Aboriginal Center for Males


As the needs increase for support and resources towards families dealing with family violence within our communities, VACSAL & VAHS have developed a program to focus on males who are violent towards their family. Using assisting community services, men will be referred to, monitored for progress and attendance with support and counseling. This process involves the husband\father, wife\mother and the children. Services will be available to the whole family.

The main aim of the Aboriginal Centre for Males is to culturally strengthen the family, bring awareness and responsibility to the male for their actions and their role as a father\husband, and to keep the family together.


As a unique service that provides aid, relief and support to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males in the Northern Metropolitan Region, especially where there are needs arising from:

• Family Violence

• Drug & Alcohol

• Mental Health

• Health

• Financial

• Accommodation

• Counseling

To provide quality programs and support services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males in need of assistance to achieve health and wellbeing within a whole life perspective.

To build responsive and effective partnerships to help such men in need of assistance who are using the Centre for Males services to find a place of value within the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community in the Northern Western Metropolitan Region.


Our vision for the centre is to be:

• Accepted and valued by the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community as a accessible and responsive resource for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males.

• A place where Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males feel welcomed, supported and safe.

• Provide a positive environment for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males that actively shows respect for the interest of women & children.

• Work in partnership with Aboriginal and mainstream services.

• Raise awareness of males interests and needs, as part of a caring community so that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males lead fulfilling lives.


• We value the qualities abilities of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander males and our capacity to determine solutions.

• A safe place for our males.

• We understand Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture.

• We are open to learning and change.

• We take a stand against violence and abusive behavior.

Programs/Services that will be provided out of the Centre

• Time out Referral (TORS) x 2

• Intensive Men’s Case Management

• Family Violence Case Management

• Indigenous Men’s Advisory and Resource Service (IMRAS)

• Counselor

• Aboriginal Health Worker

• General Practitioner

• Aboriginal Community Justice Program (ACJP),

• Cultural Programs

• Ancillary services: Legal, Drug & Alcohol, Housing, Financial, Gambling, Education, Employment, Health & fitness programs.

Entry Points to the Aboriginal Centre for Males

Aboriginal Centre for Males will actively seek strong working partnerships with all referral points for the best interests of the family and the men receiving a service;

• These referrals may arrive from;

• Police

• Community

• Family

• Local and mainstream Government services

• Self

Exit Point

The program will endeavor to support the client to self manage their own wellbeing and support issues and recognize responsibility for their actions in the medium term.

Assessment is ongoing, prior to exiting the client, the program will ensure that supports have been engaged and established to ensure safety and stability towards the client and his family/s. If assessed that further support is required the client can continue receiving case management for up to another 3 months.

Hours of Operation

The Aboriginal Centre for Males operating hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, Fridays 9am-4pm. We will endeavor work towards creating a 24 hour response for our community.

Referrals can be received after hours by phone to the Intake Worker. After hours calls are for phone assessment and referrals will not begin until the next business day. Crisis situations can be referred to the after hour’s family violence services.


Jason Kanoa – Manager

Peter Hood – Administration Officer

Josh Wanganeen – Intensive Case Management (Homelessness)

Caine Muir – Family Violence Case Management

Graham Cooper – Time out referral service officer

Alf Bamblett Jr - IMRAS Indigenous Men’s Advisory Resourse Service

Jason Kanoa ACJP – Aboriginal Community Justice Panel (Northern Metro)

Aboriginal Centre for Males location

201 Bell Street – Preston Vic 3072

Phone: 03 9487 3000

Fax: 03 9484 8587

Free call: 1800 DJAMBI (352 624)